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    Receiving communion is a way for Christians to remember Christ's sacrifice on the cross and a very special part of the worship service. We have a large selection of Communion Trays, Communion Cups and Communion Bread available for small to large groups and even prefilled cups with bread to help you facilitate this. Free Shipping On All $69+ Orders In The Continental US, Except For Freight Shipments.

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    Communion Ware» Shop All
    Communion Tray Solid BrassAdd to Cart
    Communion Tray Solid Brass
    Christian Brands
    Only $193.56 Reg. $219.95
    Silver Finish One Pass Communion Tray &Add to Cart
    Silver Finish One Pass Communion Tray &
    Only $75.99 Reg. $79.99
    Brass Finish Communion Tray CoverOut of Stock
    Brass Finish Communion Tray Cover
    Only $54.55 Reg. $61.99
    Miniature Whole Body Communion Tray -Add to Cart
    Miniature Whole Body Communion Tray -
    Only $50.16 Reg. $52.80
    Copper Communion TrayAdd to Cart
    Copper Communion Tray
    Only $123.45 Reg. $129.95
    Last Supper Common CupAdd to Cart
    Last Supper Common Cup
    Only $75.95 Reg. $79.95
    Sacred Series Communion TrayAdd to Cart
    Sacred Series Communion Tray
    Only $33.25 Reg. $35.00
    Silverplate Communion Tray BaseAdd to Cart
    Silverplate Communion Tray Base
    Only $238.45 Reg. $251.00
    Brass Etched BreadplateAdd to Cart
    Brass Etched Breadplate
    Only $196.65 Reg. $207.00
    Communion Accessories & Linens» Shop All
    Communion Cup Filler Button ReleaseAdd to Cart
    Communion Cup Filler Button Release
    Broadman & Holman
    Only $14.52 Reg. $16.50
    Lavabo Towel Add to Cart
    Lavabo Towel
    Only $24.70 Reg. $26.00
    Plastic Communion Cup FillerAdd to Cart
    Plastic Communion Cup Filler
    Christian Brands
    Only $5.24 Reg. $5.95
    X- Large White GlovesOut of Stock
    X- Large White Gloves
    Only $6.15 Reg. $6.99
    Anointing Oil-Frankincense & Myrth 1/4Add to Cart
    Anointing Oil-Frankincense & Myrth 1/4
    Whitaker House
    Only $4.66 Reg. $5.29
    Bread Plate Napkin Embroidered CrossAdd to Cart
    Bread Plate Napkin Embroidered Cross
    Christian Brands
    Only $3.75 Reg. $3.95
    Communion Cup Filler-Squeeze BottleAdd to Cart
    Communion Cup Filler-Squeeze Bottle
    Only $11.43 Reg. $12.99
    In Remembrance of Me Pecan StainAdd to Cart
    In Remembrance of Me Pecan Stain
    Only $284.95 Reg. $299.95
    Portable Communion Kits» Shop All
    Disposable Portable Communion Set withOut of Stock
    Disposable Portable Communion Set with
    CB Church Supplies
    Only $18.95 Reg. $19.95
    Legacy Portable Communion Set withAdd to Cart
    Legacy Portable Communion Set with
    Only $65.99 Reg. $74.99
    6-Cup Portable Communion SetAdd to Cart
    6-Cup Portable Communion Set
    CB Church Supplies
    Only $28.45 Reg. $29.95
    Portable 12 Cup Communion SetAdd to Cart
    Portable 12 Cup Communion Set
    Only $33.24 Reg. $34.99
    4-Cup Portable Communion SetAdd to Cart
    4-Cup Portable Communion Set
    Christian Brands
    Only $24.95